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Violet started Piano when she was 4 years old.  She displayed amazing determination to learn sitting in her group piano class.  By age 6 Violet sat and passed the Royal Schools of Music exams with distinction becoming the youngest child in Jamaica to achieve distinction.  She skipped to grade 3 at age 7 and received another distinction on piano the following year.  Violet now plays at the advanced grade 10 level on piano, Violin and Singing achieving distinction on all instruments! 


Past Students - Stars


Denieze Anderson (born outside of Mandeville, Jamaica, on September 19th) popularly known as Jane Macgizmo is a recording artiste, songwriter, producer & designer. Jane’s artistic passion was instilled at the age of seven by her parents who recognized the importance of the arts in her early life. They enrolled her in an after school art class, as well as piano lessons at Sybil’s Music School. 

Rising Stars

Rising Stars

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