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  Sybil Grant   

Our Director


In 1989, set in the cool hills of Mandeville, Jamaica Sybil ventured on a new way of teaching music through Sybil’s Music Studio after achieving a B.A degree in Music.  Children as young as 3 years to adults joined as they eagerly attempted to play the piano, violin, clarinet, trumpet, drums, guitar and a host of other band and orchestral instruments.  Today students connect online globally from Sybil's location in Ottawa, Canada.  Sybil is proud of the achievements of students and sets high standards with experience as the hallmark for the development of young musicians. 


Performance is an important part of learning and many of our students help to create some of our most profound performances including musicals, solo works, concert band and jazz band performances.  The studio has been the place to be to see friends from school, meet new friends and to learn different instruments.  Our studio has been like a family with great bonds formed from over 30 years of tutoring.


 We have had some of the world’s most brilliant students who have come through our doors with many Harvard, Dartmouth College, Washington and Lee, University of British Columbia graduates and other top university students who have spent their early years in our studio.


Our students continue to excel as our young musicians have been recipients of The Youngest Child Award in Jamaica for the ABRSM practical examinations. We have had passes in our online studio in Canada's Royal Conservatory exams, maintaining 85 to 100 % pass rate on all instruments and levels.  

We believe that the enjoyment of music and its success comes though good teaching methods, experienced teachers and eager students.  We are happy to have these components as core ingredients in our studio.




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